The NUS-DBS Business Case Competition 2012 is a case competition that is open to all 3 local universities. This competition is organized by NUS, in partnership with DBS. The aim is to let students apply the business skills picked up in the classroom on problems faced by real life companies and organizations. The NUS DBS Business Case Competition 2012 promises to highlight the strategic challenges and managerial dilemmas faced by global business leaders. Competing teams work under pressure to solve a business problem, using simulated business conditions such as time-critical deadlines and incomplete information, to conceptualize realistic, action-oriented recommendations.

Through research and analysis, the NUS DBS Business Case Competition 2012 offers students an opportunity to exercise forecasting and advisory skills. Competing teams need to leverage on their intelligence in order to execute tailored research and analysis for the case company. Another important aspect of the NUS DBS Business Case Competition experience is the potential interaction within individual teams, among teams, and also through the networking process with DBS.

Participation in the NUS DBS Business Case Competition 2012 is both an honor and a supreme challenge. Solving pertinent business problems under the stressful conditions and strict deadline requirements of the competition is a test of an individual’s creativity and problem-solving abilities. Participants will undoubtedly become the business leaders of tomorrow and this competition will help to prepare them for the challenges of a rapidly changing global business landscape. As such, the Organizing Committee is working towards fulfilling the following aims:

To generate interest in solving business cases among students;

To expose students to real life business and managerial problems;

To enhance students’ critical thinking, creativity and presentation skills;

To provide a platform for tomorrow’s business leaders to shine and network, regardless of their universities

To ensure that students will have a fulfiling experience at cracking business case, the Organizing Committee will be holding a case training workshop cum info session on 7th Sept 2012 at 6.30pm in NUS Business School LT18.

Find about more about the NUS-DBS Business Case Competition here.


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