Competition Details

The NUS-DBS International Case Competition 2012 will see teams from all over the world come together and pit their wits and skills against one another. Students can expect to be challenged intellectually and have their minds stretched to the limits as they tackle the case with the ultimate aim of bringing home the title of champion!

Beyond friendly competition, we will also be organizing a variety of activities before and after the competition. We hope that participants will leave Singapore with lasting friendships and wonderful memories of their time spent on our sunny island.

Competition Format

  • Two groups with six teams each
  • All teams will present to all judges – once in the morning and once in the afternoon
  • Staggered collection of case
  • Staggered presentation
  • 22-hour preparation period
  • Case context: Start-up’s pitch for financing – win when you get the most money invested

Presentation Format

  • 3 Minutes uninterrupted
  • 15 Minutes presentation – judges can interrupt with questions or comments
  • 2 Minutes summary uninterrupted

Presentation Timings

  • Presentation on Saturday (15/9) – morning & afternoon
  • Slot 1: 0900-1330
  • Slot 2: 0930-1400
  • Slot 3: 1000-1430
  • Slot 4: 1030-1500
  • Slot 5: 1100-1530
  • Slot 6: 1130-1600

Judging Criteria

  • Content (75%)
  • Comprehensive and in-depth analysis
  • Creative, effective, feasible and well defended strategies
  • Well-structured implementation plans with timeline and financials
  • Direct and effective answers to judges’ questions
  • Presentation (25%)
  • Structure, cohesiveness and clarity of presentation.
  • Innovativeness and dynamism of delivery.
  • Balanced contributions across the team members.
  • Key question – would you invest your own money in your strategies?

Case Preparation Guidelines

  • All work should be done by the four team members. No help in any form or from any person is allowed.
  • All work will be done in the prep room. No team member is allowed to leave their prep room during this period unless accompanied by a committee member or ambassador.
  • No clarifications on the case will be provided by anyone. Please make assumptions when in doubt.
  • When technical problems are encountered, assistance will be provided but no time extension will be given.
  • Meals will be delivered to the prep rooms.
  • Teams MUST submit their powerpoints by the deadline
  • Teams who are late in their submission will not be allowed to present.
  • Team members cannot communicate with their advisor or any other person (except their ambassador and committee members) from the time they receive the case until the end of presentation by last teams in the afternoon.
  • Advisors can watch presentations of any team in the morning and afternoon but are not allowed to speak to team members until all teams have presented in the afternoon.
  • No team members can watch presentation of any other teams.
  • Team advisors or members should not initiate conversations or interactions with judges at any time during presentation day until after their afternoon deliberations.

Previous Competitions


Winner: Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

1st Runner-up: Queensland University of Technology, Australia

2nd Runner-up: National University of Singapore, Singapore


Winner: USC Marshall School of Business, USA

1st Runner-up: Thammasat University, Thailand

2nd Runner-up: National University of Singapore, Singapore


Winner: Queen’s University, Canada

1st Runner-up: National University of Singapore, Singapore

2nd Runner-up: Thammasat University, Thailand